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We lead a nimble community of marketers that aspire to make every customer journey purposeful and personal.

Why did we start Oppstimize?

We felt the sting of expensive and needlessly complex options.

Our founder was a marketing executive that was once again staring at an annual five-figure renewal agreement for marketing automation software. No services, no premium support – just the platform. Every time he signed the deal the vendors attention suddenly went away and asking for help with best-practices and services was fruitless.

“Why isn’t there a more user-friendly and open platform that is just as powerful, and allows for unlimited integration and customization?”  Well there is, and it doesn’t cost the avarage of $2,000 – $5,000 per month, and it comes with free 1:1 help.

We want to help others.

  1. Start-ups to small-mid size companies who want, but cannot afford the full capabilities of the enterprise platforms.

  2. Marketing leaders that have struggled to get the value and justify to their company leadership that they should continue to invest five to six figures each year in a software platform as they are constantly asked to do more with less.


We are on a mission.

Oppstimize is disrupting the marketing automation ecosystem by delivering a platform that provides exceptional outcomes and the greatest value for a company’s marketing investment.

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What we believe:



We believe in open platforms and open relationships. We love open source software. We are transparent and accountable, and open to new ways of thinking.



We believe that honesty and trust is the foundation of a relationship. Rooted in midwestern American values, we know that nothing is more important than reputation.



We think that life is too short and serious. We want doing business with us to be fun and easy, and provide you the capabilities to do the same for your customers.

We have an awesome solution backed by good people.
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Our Mission

Lead a nimble community of marketers that aspire to make every customer journey purposeful and personal.

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